Every DOG Has It's Day!

Forget mediocre country music, we're not your average country musicians...

 This Fairborn-based band has a way of cutting straight to the core of any listeners’ emotions. With a passion for playing music running through their veins from an early age, Mad River Dogs formed when Timmy Stinson recognized  the need for live music locally and decided to start a band. Sticking with simple inspiration from Appalachian roots they hope to bring a new appreciation for country, bluegrass, & rockabilly with their style, a sound best described as Americana. 

“Mad River Dogs isn’t your typical country music band or your typical anything, for that matter. We listen to what's happening in the moment not to what we rehearse. Unsophisticated and imperfect, we embrace spontaneity. We don't define our music by what it is but rather what it's not... we're not all about boozing and pickup trucks!”  

Embracing a minimalist "less is best" approach, their stylistic delivery with down to earth renditions of old & new favorites along with some original tunes make them a true joy to watch. They encourage everyone to sing, dance, or stomp along! Audiences enjoy their hysterical commentary & band banter while playing, it guarantees a good time for any occasion. Willing to play around a campfire or up on a big ol’ stage, for a few or for a crowd. They can play sweet and purty or down and dirty, they just want to play! If you are looking for a band to play your festival, private event, wedding, or corporate party Mad River Dogs is sure to make your event one to remember!